Nous sommes en train compléter notre site en français. Pardonnez-nous tous l’offense de l’anglais qui suit! Nous corrigerons le tout très bientôt.


How do I contact you?

Call 416-518-8566, or use our contact page form.


What is your pricing?

Our rates have been simplified and lowered so that we can serve more happy couples. Our pricing starts at $1600 for 6 hours. Check our rates page.


Why are your prices lower than other seasoned photographers I’ve come across?

A word from the owner. In late 2013, I decided to review my business model. After 10 years in business, simple is the word. I love high quality, but I also like when prices are fair. I redesigned my pricing with that in mind. No fluff and fancy packaging. Just 2 solid photographers, the high resolution files fully edited, with a very fast turnaround time. Bells and whistles optional. I enjoy when things are simple and easy going, and I love to work with people who are too.


Are you a full-time photographer?

After reading the above question, this is a question that comes up. :) Yes. And all photographers that work with SAphoto are full time photographers.


Do you require a deposit?

50% to book, 50%  is due on wedding day or prior. Simple, no fuss.


Who will be the photographer?

By default, Sebastien Auger is the main photographer at SAphoto, however there are instances when other associates would photograph the wedding. But don’t worry, we favour good communications!


Can we meet you?

You are free to schedule an appointment at our studio in Toronto beaches.


What personality fits with SAphoto? 

Easy going. Trusting. Authentic. Don’t dismiss this question with any photographer you may be considering for your wedding. The photographer will be a crucial participant during the wedding day.


What do we do if it rains?

It’s our job to provide you with outstanding photography, regardless of the situation. We have shot rainy weddings before and got some amazing shots out of them. Embracing situations always helps finding solutions and be more creative. Regardless of the weather, we guarantee it’s going to be a beautiful day!


Do we get the pictures in high resolution?

Yes. All pictures are exported as 12 megapixels jpegs. This means you can print high quality pictures on your own.


Can we get the RAW files?

We find that most people that request RAW files actually mean to ask for high resolution jpegs; which you get. The RAW files can be purchased however.


How many pictures do we get?

On a typical wedding, you can expect anywhere from 80 to 120 pictures per hour of coverage.


What is your style of photography?

SAphoto is about capturing the essence of people. We use very sophisticated lighting equipment, and sometimes we’ll place and pose our couples. But in the end, our approach is more photojournalistic. What we’re interested in is the interactions of our couples. We want to show you the way that you are.


I see that you do weddings in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa do you speak French?

Yes we do! This is a great advantage in a lot of situations. Contactez-nous!


Do you offer special photographic effects? For instance, cross processing, sepia tones.

Yes, ALL pictures are processed according to my judgment of how the picture can look its best.


Are you a full-time photographer?

SAphoto’s main photographer Sebastien is a full-time photographer


How long does it take to get the pictures?

**NEW** The pictures are now ready 6 weeks after the wedding.


When is a good time to start coverage?

A good starting point is usually 2 hours before the ceremony.


Is it crazy to book you 2 years in advance?

Yes :) however you make your life much easier. Most vendors you will be contacting will have your chosen date available. The other advantage is that you will lock-in the pricing of the current year and will therefore avoid increases.


Do you accept credit cards?



What happens if you are ill?

Illness is not permitted. Seriously. This is a profession that doesn’t allow for sick days and we know it going in. Should anything happen, the second photographer is not an assistant, it’s a fully qualified photographer that is capable of taking the lead as the main photographer. There is also an emergency phone number provided in your contract. After many years in the business, we also have access to a large network of photographers that could assist in case of emergency.


What kind of equipment do you use?

Main photographer Sebastien Auger brings a minimum of 3 cameras, 5 lenses, 3 flashes, 2 to 5 studio strobes, batteries, and a slew of gizmos. Second shooter will have his/her equipment as well. SAphoto stays on top of latest technology developments, in all aspects of our field. That includes camera equipment, computers, software, and any trends in photography.


Will you put all my pictures on the blog or facebook?

No. Normally we put a selection of our favourite shots. Check our facebook page and blog to get an idea of how we publish pictures.  Know that we believe in being respectful.


Do you allow our wedding guests to take photographs at the same time you do?

Yes. If people are in the way we’ll let them know. Other people can take pictures as long as we can do our job.


Can you give us a rebate?

The current pricing accurately reflects the amount of work, equipment, cost, and expertise required. Profit margins are razor thin and we provide a good bang for the buck. We do not provide rebates.


How far will you travel and is there a fee?

There are no additional fees for destinations within 100 km of Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City. Additional costs on farther destinations are on a case by case basis. We are however very reasonable and enjoy new locations.


Can you travel to [insert city here]?

Yes we do!


Have you shot a wedding at my venue before?

If the answer to that question for your particular venue happens to be no, please do not over-concern yourself with this. A better question would be to find out how the photographer can handle difficult lighting. This is far more important than having taken pictures at the venue before.


Are all pictures retouched?



Do you have liability insurance?

Yes we do.


Do you charge taxes?

Yes. Just like any real service provider or retail store


How do I book SAphoto?

Call 416-518-8566

Email info@saphoto.ca